Sumoku is a game of digital numbers.
Your goal is simple: create combinations of numbers equaling 10 by sliding them around the grid.

Move digits horizontally or vertically “flipping” them into place.
Since the numbers are digital, reversing them can change their value. For instance, a 2 can be flipped into a 5 or a 6 into a 9.
Be careful to create a non-number in the process since the number cannot be used until it is set right.
There are also “special” green and red digits that cannot be flipped but provide you powerful bonuses.

You can choose from three modes:
Classic – eliminate a set amount of numbers as quickly as possible;
Puzzle – get rid of prearranged groups of numbers in as few moves as possible;
Endless – do the best score before the grid is full.

Sumoku supports iCloud and Game Center (both Leaderboards and Achievements).
There are two themes available: Light and Dark.